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Friday, July 12, 2013

Jesse Blum, former Fratmen Damon Excelled in his Friday Evening Show at Gay Hoopla

Jesse Blum, alias Damon
The 27-year-old put on a show worth every dollar, but was unfortunately the third "name" performer of the week, so the tips were down somewhat, but the fun was not. His comfortableness in front of the camera and his smooth professionalism were obvious throughout the hour. He is gifted in supplying body tours and has perfected some beautiful cam angles which highlights his well proportioned body. 

It was a time also of renewing old friendships and making some new ones. He seemede to know exactly what to say at exactly the right times and managed not only an overall good show, but easily included the shower after the cum scene. Jesse is part of the original fratmen dating back to August 2006. We look forward to his next visit and hope he becomes a regular.


  1. DAYUM! :0 I would very much like to have a second serving of this.

  2. Anonymous9:16 AM

    $425 is not bad for an hour's work ... and far above average. Jesse came ready to perform and let no one down. I would not be surprised to see his fan base and tips grow with future shows. Jesse is an accomplished showman, enjoyed by all, and a welcomed addition to the GayHoopla cast.


    1. Anonymous7:25 PM

      Agreed Neon! I wish I got paid $400 for an hour of work! And don't forget Tay-Tay! He made over $18.00 per MINUTE when he was on Gay Hoopla!!!

      Lurkin Merkin

  3. Anonymous10:59 AM

    Damon, Leo, Dmitry, Chase, Riley, Cole, Taylor... this is a cast of champions!!


  4. Anonymous11:32 AM

    My, my, my this guy is aging well. mmm mmm mmm.


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