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Tuesday, March 3, 2015 other new guy Michael Ryan will have his first show today 3pm-5pm PST

Revised Voyeurboys schedule for the remainder of the week, March 3-8th.

New Voyueurboys Chris & Michael both arrive today & start their first shows

Monday, March 2, 2015

Zach Douglas Fucks Tyler
Hanson Tight Hairy Hole

Maybe Tyler's hole is no longer that tight,
He's been slutting around on GayHoopla

Zach Douglas and Tyler Hanson really got along this filming weekend. They got to hang out and talk about damn near everything. Some conversation sparked in the shower when Tyler was talking about his unfair school professor. The entire time he’s talking to Zach, he’s totally checking out Zach’s ass when his back was turned. After some bullshit banter back and forth, Tyler copped a feel of that tight frat’s ass. They made out while their dicks touching each other playing no hand swords. After these two had a taste of each others sausage, Zach was trying to FUCK. He guided Tyler to the bedroom and worked his long thick cock into Tyler’s manhole. We love watching Tyler get fucked because the kid fucking loves it. He screams, he shouts, and still no one can take a smile off that precious face. Of course, Zach couldn’t help but drop a load all over Tyler’s abs. Mr. Douglas wanted a cock and in his ass next. They moved back to the bathroom where Tyler bent Zach over the sink. Zach happened to see himself getting fucked in the mirror and FUCKING loved it. Zach had mirrors everywhere in that bathroom and could watch himself get fucked over and over again. Tyler was turned on by everything going on including Zach watching himself. His load was about to burst out but didn’t want it to end yet.

I just Love watching this Frat boy get fucked… makes my dick hard just thinking about it.

Jaden: Many Favorable Emails on VB Zane's Show, 'Kitchen Dance'


Zane Penn Brought an Energy Packed Show to 93 Fans

Zane, with his left hand, takes Dmitry's check for $180 in Tips for 
tonight's show, while sliding his jacket on with his right hand and arm.
Dmitry is mostly blocked from View by Hostmaster Ray Ban. members meeting March 2, 2015

Jaden had his weekly members meeting tonight and a few things he discussed.

*  His surgery on his hand has been pushed back to Wednesday March 4, 2015.  He will let us know how he is feeling afterward as soon as he is able to.

*  This is Dustin's last week in the house and is still on the VB cam schedule through Sunday.  He is moving out but Jaden stated that he is welcome to stop by the house anytime and even do a show if he cares to.   His preferred days are Monday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday.

*  There are two new models coming to the house tomorrow.  One we have already announced as Chris who has his first cam show starting  3pm PST.   Currently his first leg of his flight has been delayed but he should still make it in to make his first cam show.   The other model's name was not announced as Jaden was not sure what his current stage name was and didn't want to say one and it be wrong.  The second model live locally but doesn't own a car.

* More cams are coming soon to other rooms in the house that don't have them and some other cams will be re-positioned.  Also there will be a cam located outside .

*  The guys should be staying in their room more often as Jaden would like them to sleep in their rooms and not the main couch.

* Possible game room in the future as well.

Jaden stated that he would try to have the show posted for those that did not have the time to see it live.

New Voyeurboy Chris will have his first show Tuesday 8pm-10pm PST

Tonight, live at GayHoopla, at 7pm PST, 10pm EST

Zane Penn

65 pictures

Weekend Delights . . .


6 More Hot Pics . . .

Voyeurboys Schedule for the
week of March 2-8th

New Voyeurboy Chris arrives Monday night for his 1st show Tuesday at 3pm

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Just a Few of Many
GayHoopla Bunns

Holy Glutius Maximus!
Above, left to right: Derek, Sean, and (Take a Guess in Comments!)

Can't Sleep? Here's Some
Late-Night Entertainment


'Back to the Future' DVD Release Reveals Humorous Deleted Scene

New update in JJ's gallery

2 collages


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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Internet Service Provider Causes Cancellation of Tonight's GH Show--Upload Problem

Next Show Monday Night
with Zane at 7 pm PST
and 10 pm EST

UPDATE:  The schedule has changed again for Monday it will now be Aaron on Monday night instead of a new model named "Clay".

UPDATE:  The schedule has changed again for Monday it will now be Zane on Monday night instead of Aaron.

An Advocate Exclusive:


Earlier this month, Out magazine published an interview with Jack Falahee, who plays How to Get Away With Murder’s openly gay character Connor Walsh. In it, the 25-year-old actor declined to talk about his real-life sexuality because it “seemed reductive.”
“I don’t think answering who I’m sleeping with accomplishes anything other than quenching the thirst of curiosity,” he said.
It's not like he's the only person to have ever said this. I work in LGBT media; Falahee’s point of view isn't new, among celebrities or everyday people.  

Housewarming party tonight at Jaden Storm's new apartment, 
and you're invited! 

Tonight's Voyeurboys "member only" show, Jaden will give us a tour of his new digs. And of course, that includes a Jerk-Off Cum show, as you'd expect from most housewarming parties.

2 Headed Dildo show Tonight with Ken Ott and Jacob Peterson on Chaturbate at 8pm PST


Google decides to back down from their private-use porn ban; steps up ban on commercial-use porn

While bringing relief to the majority of persons who utilize porn for themselves or for "their identity," this will not apply to the purposes of this blog which ultimately benefits the commercial porn industry. While retracting most of their current decision, they go on to say, "So rather than implement this change, we’ve decided to step up enforcement around our existing policy prohibiting commercial porn" which returns the problem back in the lap of Ben's News.
( via link on

Miss Murmurs Finished Up her
Famous Blog Tonight,
Feb. 28, 2015

In her own words . . .

Miss M Lays Down Her Poison Pen For The Last Time!

Friday, February 27, 2015

USA Cam Guys Worried Customers when it Suddenly Went Down this Evening shortly before GH Show

Two Black Screens Heading Up to the Hour,
and Going Over the Hour, causing some
to worry if the show would happen
There's only a few things that come to mind when a Cam goes down without explanation. (1) WTF, (2) power loss, (3) will it affect the scheduled show? (4) it must be catastrophic since they didn't have time to keep us informed. To former members of another old site where cam problems were a regular diet and going down for as long as 3 days without one word of explanation was an actual occurrence that few will forget very soon.

Down cams when there is no mechanical or electronic reason for them to be down becomes a "customer service issue." Cams going down 15 minutes before a scheduled show is an even greater "customer service issue." Are we to believe that when power is cut to the one and only operational cam, that no pre-coded automatic message could not be setup to appear on the dark screen (or right under it) simply saying, "Please Stand By"? That was even available 60+ years ago when TV signals went out semi-regularly. 

Every time this occurs, customers wind up with a bad attitude from a perceived "they're not important enough to care about when I'm busy". What's the big deal--we're in a time where communication has never been so complete! Does the cam have to go down?  Would cutting the VOLUME OFF keep private conversations private but also allow customers to see that "everything is alright"? Why play this old Owner-game of ignoring one's customers when it simply isn't necessary? 

Today was especially bad since these two black screens were followed by a show experience where the only cam and computer available were not able to do their job properly.That can be chalked up to the model's inexperience of not knowing how his computer will function during a quality live show needing considerable power for the setup. But what's the excuse for those who know better? Please don't let customer service be dragged through the mud as we once were--keep moving ahead without those dangerous steps backward.  (New Publisher)

Ryan Winter Receives Rousing Welcome, but Plagued by numerous PC problems

Lost 15 Minutes in Down Time,
but went from 83 to 89 in same
time frame; given $135 in tips

'Frisky Friday' by Odinnot
Shows VoyeurBoys in Action

Ryan Winter, who Duo'd with Jason Keys, will be Live-Solo
Free Tonight at


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