Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Matt Bomer reveals
that he is a married man

Actor reveals that he and Hollywood publicist Simon Halls wed in 2011--the year before he came out publicly
See more at: http://www.gaystarnews.com/article/matt-bomer-reveals-he-married-man230414#sthash.dYKgxuP6.dpuf

Chance Cruise Delights
100 Old and New Friends

24 Snap Shots . . .

Beautiful Sexy Photos from First Jayden-JJ Videoed Duo Now Out

Big Man Chance Cruise is Live Tonight at GayHoopla.com

7 pm PT -- 10 pm ET

Top Left -- La El on the left and Chance Cruise on the right; Top Right,Center Left and Center Right --
Chance Cruise is on the left and La El is on the right.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Sexy, Young Jason, so Friendly, Knows his Stuff; 136 tipped $480

72 Dormon Snap Shots . . . 

Jason Keys is at GayHoopla Tonight--The 'New' and Experienced Jason Keys

7 pm PDT -- 10 pm EDT

New Era Live Shows Began Today,
3 pm; Zane Puts on Entertaining, and Informative Live Show

See the Schedule posted on that site.

As No Live Shows Enters its Third Week, Owner Delays Members' Desire to 'Get on' with New Era

Owner: 'The important thing right now
for me, is to shed light on' ... the Past

In spite of the urgent need to get progress moving again at the Pad, the following statement was found on the Daily.FM on Easter Sunday, 11:04 pm:

"I’m not really interested in talking about stories surrounding Landon’s character that involve his interaction with his peers, although it appears increasingly likely that I, and others, are going to be forced into that. The important thing right now for me, is to shed light on a pattern of consistent and verifiable behavior that Landon engaged in (and continues to engage in) to intentionally damage the P*d. The first involves consistently lying to the guys who came and left the Pad when he was managing it. It’s been no secret that I’ve not been involved in the day-to-day operations of the F***P** for many years (with the exception of a brief period following Landon departure). The problem with that is that while Landon was telling me he was making decisions about changes to the cast and handling them, he was telling the guys he was firing that it was my decision. “J****’s gotten tired of you and so it’s time to go”, etc. These kinds of statements are most ironically demonstrated by Joe, who has ended up being a vital piece in Landon’s operation, and in who’s case, as in all the rest, are outright lies. The other problem surrounds Landon’s continued attempts to poach current and former employees to work for him. With the entire list of contacts he had while he was managing the P*d on speed dial, Landon has been purporting to his members and the boob that the guys have been drawn to his venture on its merits, which is also a lie.

"I’ve thought to myself many times over the last year, “What good is it being honest and treating people well when everybody thinks you’re a monster.” But being able to look back now at my behavior and have discussions like this (and the one’s he’s trying to have about me), openly and without fear, has finally answered my question."
Some would say, the past is the past, we learn from it and move on. The owner, for some reason, has gotten stuck in the past and now chooses to spend time dwelling there while his members, all fired up with the New Era, wait for it to begin and not be distracted by unnecessary drama. Who will save the Pad while the owner goes off on a vendetta? What an unfortunate development.
Some of the last advice he heard last night was from Jostopa who said: "i’m not going to give it a rest. It’s no secret that i’m on j**ns side of this whole thing. I just want him to defend himself and not continue to take shots from every angle. I like a fighting and pissed off j**n, and to be honest, it’s kinda hot. I know you’re worried that either way if you say nothing you’re fucked, if you say something you’re just the mean old pornographer. Fight back, you have shown you can take shots, it is now time for you to give some back."

Can the P*d withstand a long drawn out fight? Will the members put up with it? Will the owner's own background failures doom the effort and the P*d with it? What an unfortunate development.

In a desperate move, following
La El's Show Sunday, Pad Owner Sends Misleading Photo via Twitter

Owner sends this photo through
the Twitter system with no words
of explanation or context, trying
to make it look like La El
misrepresented himself
when all along it appears
he is attempting to
set up La El.

La El Sends Twitter Pic Back
to Owner with date circled, 
saying, "This was a text to 
Porter who wasn't working 
for you at this time. Paper 
work was also signed in 
January. You Fool."
In addition, Owner had also 
signed off on Porter to La El
all of which have saved
copies as proof

Those who comment in this Comment Section are responsible for knowing the Comment Guidelines. Please note: When referring to anyone at the other site, we cannot be "specific;" therefore, even first names completely spelled out are not permitted, and the initials of a person are too specific and not permitted.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

'We Built a Beast and Destroyed a Monster,' said Official LaEl at First Anniversary Show of USAcamguys

La El Clears Air from Owner's 'Bold Face Lies';
201 Came 'to Hear Truth'; Some Came for Cum
(Cut and Pasted from the owner's quote at daily.fratmen.com): "Landon (the former Fratmen Leo) was aggressively and relentlessly poaching any and all of the present and former performers that he had contact information for, and then publicly lying about his actions." Tonight, La El simply stated that he does not seek or poach other performers, rather that many have "come my way" and inquired of him about work at GH. (Ben's News had previously reported on this activity regularly occurring because of the live cams right in the GH office area, it simply was no secret how others were seeking him out.)

La El told about the demand that he be a team player and put his name on the lease of properties that the owner wanted leased. On one property, H*J failed to pay the electric bill and the problem came back on La El who took a hit on his credit rating by some 120 points. The second property, used for filming came under the objections of the owner of that property who took La El to court. H*J told La El that it was his own fault that his name was on the lease! Fortunately La El won the case but now the owner of that property is appealing the verdict.

La El said it is a regular occurrence for the owner to not issue the final paycheck to people and the same was true of La El's final paycheck--it was not issued. The excuse given was "rendered no services."

Another question was based on a quote from the owner at daily.fratmen.com, cut and pasted here: "Josh (the former Fratmen Alan) is not and never has been my boyfriend, and the fact that anyone would accept the word of “his high school best friend Dax” or that creep *********** (“Matthew” from the boob blog) as evidence that he is, should be proof enough for everybody that that rumor is simply a lie. Seriously, what the fuck could they possibly know about it?"  La El responded by saying that when the owner approached him about the subject, the owner simply said to him (the former FM Leo): "Don't tell Whitney." (Surprisingly, the owner did not address whether or not we should believe the videotaped statement of former FM Max who spoke of a personal experience with the partially de-pants-ed couple, in addition to a list of other FMs with alleged knowledge about the subject.)

Another amazing revelation of the night was that of FMs complaining to FM Leo that the owner was making out with employees in front of the other FMs. When FM Leo reported their complaint to the owner, FM Leo was told by the owner not to worry about it. 

The Anniversary Show can be found in the GayHoopla video files.

UPDATED: 04-21-14, 02:30 AM EDT (04-20-14, 11:30 PM PDT)

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Words for Living, Easter Sunday 2014

BENJY47 -- 04-18-14 -- 12:04 AM EDT                                                                  Ben's News Project

Editorial Note

Free Market and The Pad

We do not oppose the free market system, and therefore by extension, are not opposed to the Pavlov's Dog LLC providing and promoting their service known as Fratpad in whatever format they wish to produce it. All past, present, and future customers have options within our free market system and should exercise those options as they see fit.  

BENJY47 -- 04-20-14 -- 07:54 PM EDT

"Getting things off one's shoulders (actually the mind), is the first step in moving on. Repetition and the continued expression of anger is quite the opposite. I have been very happy to see that the lines of communication at the Pad have been opened with its owner, so I expect only good things to come from that.

I have long known and respected Dicker and became aware of his very thoughtful comment on the other blog and thought it would be a very helpful thing to share with this side of the "family." I pledge to continue the high standards I learned many years ago, and to have Dicker's comment become a part of those standards, just as the Ben-Zane Agreement standards are still referenced to those who comment here--on what HM**** playfully refers to as the "boob" blog. I have much respect for boobs and the valuable job they perform for newborns and for many later in life.

Thank you, Dicker, for taking the time to put together your lengthy contribution; and thank you, HM**** for opening up the lines of communication to our friends at the "old homestead." Thank you to each who help us to strive to remain civil, polite, and courteous. Help us to get more folks "on board."


DICKER -- 04-19-14 -- 09:12 AM EDT                                                                         Daily.Fratmen
OMG…In the immortal words of Rodney King “Can’t we all just get along?” I’ve held back commenting on either blog for a bit but all this venomous mean-spirited stuff should stop regardless of where your loyalties are.
The pad like anything in life changes continually. It’s had it’s magical moments and times that seemed more bleak. I’ve remained loyal throughout and hope it’s successful in some way for years to come. The pad and it’s concept were created and nurtured by HMJ and to me it’s uniqueness has never been matched. I applaud his genius and hope that he and the site can move forward and let time heal.
The members although mostly comprised of gay men is a true microcosm of society. Some real characters have been in chat over the years, some chronic complainers, some politically opinionated, some hilariously funny and some just understated sweethearts. I’ve enjoyed knowing and sometimes even getting into some passionate conversations with all of them but most of all, feeling a part of a community. I chat privately with many members and consider them real friends.
The performers have also been from my perspective, nothing short of amazing. I’ve openly admitted to falling into cyberlove with many of them. I’ve accumulated so many I adore that even assembling a top 10 list is difficult.
Living in the northeast, with long cold winters, nothing has warmed me up more than logging into the pad while a blizzard raged outside to see these gorgeous friends frolicking around the sun filled grounds of the pad. To top it all off, they always seemed thrilled and excited to see me log in and say hello. Saying hi to all my friends in chat made the outside world seem more bearable. To me the pad is much more than a homoerotic cheap thrill (although that part is fun too). ; )
For me this has been an amazing ride I never expected to experience online and I’ll be forever grateful to all parties responsible. All the personnel at the pad and all the members (past and present) that contributed to it.
There will always be two sides to every story and none of us is privy to everything that goes on behind the scenes and how these businesses actually run. I’m sure people made mistakes, bad decisions and in some cases lashed out in anger at each other. Wherever you’ve decided to place your loyalties, I hope that all parties can stop villainizing and judging each other so harshly.
With all that said I’d like to ask that people think long and hard about what you say to and about other human beings and how you say it. The rest of the world it too cruel and life is too short to waste any of it lashing out at one another. Although this has been a long and ugly divorce with victims on both sides divided into separate camps, I hope we can all learn to somehow get past it and just let each side heal and move on. With any divorce, the healthiest families tend to be the ones that can find common ground and manage to get along for the sake of all the people they care about. The members, and the performers in both camps would benefit from just calling a truce and allowing all to move forward.
I wish all the best to Leo/Landon, Dmitry/Joe (one of the greatest performers ever who I consider a friend for life) and of course Jonah /JJ Swift and Jayden/Jaden Storm who will both always be in my top ten. Jonah was the guy I described as “being a breath of fresh air” at the pad when it was needed most and he never lost his momentum. I mourned his departure as I did my Dmi and am so happy to see him landing on his feet. I love, love, love you guys and hope the sites and your business bring all that you’ve dreamed of. I’ll be chatting with all of you as I’ll always hold you close to my heart.
To my good friend Cre “Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.” For all you queens under the age of 35 that quote was from the immortal Dolly Parton (Truvy in Steel Magnolias) LOL Muwahh.
And to quote my favorite lesbian (Ellen) “Be kind to one another.”
Lotsa Love to all,

Happy Birthday, Kardon!
EASTER 2014 -- Spring! -- New Life!
What is on your mind today?

Saturday, April 19, 2014

16 Pics Related to Cum Shot; Many
'Delicious' Poses; 81 Fans Came
Out for 2nd Time this Week

69 Benjy47 Snap Shots . . .
Enlarging Crew of VoyeurBoys at Today's LGBTQ Scottsdale Event: Jaden Storm, JJ Swift, Jason Keys, and new
man, Bryan Steele, who did his shoot today

VoyeurBoys Participate in Scottsdale LGBTQ Event Today

Friday, April 18, 2014

$5795.05 in 1 Night's 2 Hour Show

102 Tip Transactions 

After 2 Hours, 82 Fans Remained; 

Last Record: $3200 by Sean Holmes; 
JJ Swift Still Holds 236 All-Time High;
GH Members Call for a JJ Swift Show on GH;
@OfficialLaEl Assures Members: 'Next Week'

In addition to the immense high and celebrations that continued trough the fourth hour, Jaden reminded us that today was the day that he and JJ received their first paychecks, plus a new model is arriving tomorrow.

"JS and JJ--the Real Winners of the Tip War"
50 Dormon Snap Shots . . .
UNK Benjy47 Post Show . . .
Jaden Storm on GayHoopla Tonight!

7 pm PDT -- 10 pm EDT

1. Free Market and The Pad

We do not oppose the free market system, and therefore by extension, are not opposed to the Pavlov's Dog LLC providing and promoting their service known as Fratpad in whatever format they wish to produce it. All past, present, and future customers have options within our free market system and should exercise those options as they see fit.  

2. Calling for Accuracy ...
Not Expecting Results

Expression of individual opinions in our Comment Section do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Blog publisher--nor should they necessarily. The Blog is not responsible for these personal opinions by DMCA and even more recent Court action. Such personal opinions should not be inaccurately attributed to the Blog by name or indirect reference, but should either be attributed to The Comment Section or to the individual author. The attributing of quotes or ideas of one person or entity to another person or entity is an illegal act under copyright and defamation law. Repeat and consistent violators will be called out on this without regard to which blog, publication, or public forum in which it takes place.

The best example of this was found within the last 18 hours. One phrase is true about THE blog, the rest were opinions of others found in the comment section. Whether one or both of these boys believe there is a difference or not, it is a fact that there IS a legal difference. Words have been blanked out to protect the innocent:

I have read on the banned blog that your boyfriend is **** and is responsible for the ***'s downfall, that you can’t fire your 
boyfriend, that you have had many relations with p*********, that v****** stole e********** e********, that leo is a saint 
and solely responsible for the ***'s highs and now that he’s not around, the *** is domed to fail Any truth to that ? thought i’d ask
Oh good Lord, jostopa! Can I get back to you on all that? That’s a VERY long conversation that I’m going to RELISH having with
you but I’m kinda busy right now trying to get the cams going again. I can say that the only thing true in that comment is that you
read that stuff on the boob blog. Wait… define many.

I wish to thank the vast majority of readers and members who do excellent work at civility in their comments and responses and seek to avoid being snide or crude in their 
expressing of opposing ideas.
Start of Easter Weekend--Friday April 18
What is on your mind today?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dmitry Dickov Agreed to Go On Tonight for JJ Swift; D quickly broke 100 and held it there


50 Dormon Snap Shots . . .
JJ Swift unable to do GayHoopla Show;
Looking forward to Max Summerfield, AJ

The Trailer to Max Summerfield's Video is out (top right column),
but a release date for AJ has not yet been scheduled.

'FM team' Preparing 'New Era' FP: 'New Format Live Shows;'
Brothers waiting to hear details

Tuesday, Live Shows were simply 'Unsustainable;'
Thursday, 'New Era' of Live Shows Coming;
Someone Must have Infused Cash into it;
As of 2:03 PT, Brothers have Not been
in on the plan, nor agreed to it yet

The owner's statement below, begins with "The Brothers are meeting throughout the day today to work out the details for the new format of LIVE! shows." Unfortunately, the Brothers as of early this afternoon didn't seem to be aware of how hard they were working on this project. So we suspect it is the 'FM Team' mentioned in the next statement that must contain those who do know something about it. If it occurs as did the PPV Plan, the Brothers only involvement will be to execute the plan as given to them. It would have been a tremendous step forward to include the Brothers in the brainstorming and planning stage, but perhaps that can wait until another time.

Editor's Note: I forecasted the possibility of their broadcasting from the 'Ocean Floor' 
but still do not believe it was a publicity stunt; although the parties in
 those two weekends still haunt me.

See Owner's Message here . . .

Cole Money has Tendinitis

Cole pictured in the hospital after having been treated for Tendinitis (left) and afterwards (right) as our only model currently "disabled." You may recall him mentioning his hurting hand during his last GayHoopla Show including some swelling. Cole decided to have it check out the next day. Good man! Tendinitis (also called tendonitis) is an inflammation or irritation of a tendon, a thick cord that attaches bone to muscle. Tendinitis may take weeks to months to go away, depending on the severity of the injury.

UPDATE: Cole removed the splint today.