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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mark Ruffalo wins SAG Award
for role in The Normal Heart


Models, Studios Prefer
No Orientation Labels, but
Neither are very Diligent with it

This is What Members Observe and
Talk About a Significant Amount of Time

WHILE BEN'S BLOG supports the free- and/or anti-labeling process of models or studios -- which is the policy of identifying models only as a "sexual being," "try-sexual," "sexual person," or even "tri-sexual," and other tags -- the Blog has also freely observed that many models and members are not necessarily committed to non-labeling and choose to openly label themselves and/or encourage others to talk about it.

The following list of models is based on obvious and observable evidence to which all members have regular access through videos of introduction, body language of feature videos, live cam shows, and particularly with the number of times that a model initiates or responds with a discussion of "which sex they prefer to date" or "with whom they prefer to have sexual relations" and, quite often, the general frequency is included.

IF OTHER members (or models) wish to bring more clarity to this list, please use the comment section below. Try to include (1) if it was a statement the model made, (2) if it was a body-language message, (3) if it was a statement someone else made, (4) if it is based on your observations of the model's acting.  (5) if you would like to add another name. (6) Would you like to view more ripped and openly gay men if it is possible?


....Sebastian Hook

....BISEXUAL (but leaning more toward activity/relations with men)
....Jason Keys
....Jacob Peterson

....Ken Ott
....Tyler Hanson
....JJ Swift

....Zane Penn
....Jeff Niel
....Rocky Steele
....Hunter Gage

....Max Summerfield
....Phillip Anadarko (exceptional merit for acting the role of gay)

....(awaiting input)

....Jerold Spear  (re: with Max Summerfield)
....Brody James (re: in Edge of Desire)
....Ryan Winter  (re: with Jason Keys)
....Dustin Jones (re: with Jaden Storm)

After this article was posted, I ran across one of The Sword's Listings of Who's Who and found these men listed by them:
Jeff Niels: STRAIGHT
Ken Ott: GAY
Brad Spear: STRAIGHT

Enjoy this Exceptionally HOT photo of Jaden Storm & Ken Ott from a photo shoot last month

Saturday, January 24, 2015

It's Cold in New York . . .
. . . Curl Up in front of the Fire

Ken tweets, 'I want some of this'

Ken Goes to Expo with his Doctor's OK; No More Sling Needed.

AVN Adult Expo's Gift to VB Fans

After what seemed like hundreds
of women photographed with
Jaden, Ken, finally a man

KEN OTT maintains a smile as our hefty guest presses in on Ken's broken shoulder.
BTW, Ken Goes to Expo with his Doctor's OK; No More Sling Needed.

Dmitry Dickov to take
Center Stage tonight for
GH Free Live Cam Show
7 pm PST; 10 pm EST

MR. PAM (left) and DMITRY DICKOV (right) at the Cybersockets

VB's Day 2 at the AVN Adult Expo


World's oldest porn is 'bisexual'

In rock carvings dating back at least 3,000 years, it shows straight men, women,
and 'bisexuals' first recorded images of human sexuality


Weekend of January 24-25, 2015
What's on Your Mind this Weekend?

  • BLOG UPDATE: With only 9 days remaining, we have a basic volunteer staff in place which, for the foreseeable future, will insure continuance of Ben's News. 
  • STILL NEED FANS of individual models to catch one or more poses for Ben's News from their model's show. If there's one or more photos in at Post Time (following the show), we'll use it (or use more than one). 
  • I feel like a brand new father all over again, getting to ready to put my little 3 1/2 year old on the school bus to fend for himself. Yep, the Blog's been my baby and I need to let go of total control because there simply won't be time. It's sad but it's also exciting.
  • Speaking of "letting go," I think I need to let go of any remaining "baby-sitting" attitudes such as pushing and prodding for models to get health insurance or to follow their doctor's orders. When I was 22, I was in Vietnam, and would have been absolutely insulted if someone tried to badger me about my personal life. On the other hand, I never spent a day of my life without it and followed doctor's orders to the letter... but that was my choice... and I was the one that made it.
  • Your purchase of new or renewed memberships to GH and VB can be done through this Blog. When you do, you enable us to pay for the various expenses related to the Blog. Maybe one day I can offer Xmas and Birthday bonuses to my volunteers.
  • GH still carries that great deal: when you get membership in, you automatically get GH included with no additional charge. I've had mine that way since the beginning of GH. (Ben)
Click HERE for USA Cam Guys Membership

Friday, January 23, 2015

Watch this Trailer--Full Video Releases:


Jason Keys Teases Fans, Shirt Button by Shirt Button, with Everyone Loving it all the way

Jason Gets 75 Fans out
on a Friday Night and
Receives $500 in tips


I am looking for a Jason Fan who would like to provide a snap shot
(one or more) of Jason for each of Jason's Shows. Just email ben@benjy47

North Korean Soldiers Caught
On Camera Sharing A Gay Kiss


2 more pics . . .

Jaden Storm, Ken Ott Performed Live from the AVN Adult Expo in Las Vegas Friday thru Chaturbate

Members Excited and Proud, their
Boys Made it to a Las Vegas Stage (rofl)

13 more pics of Jaden and Ken . . .

'Prestigious' Washington Blade Feels Snubbed; Writes the
'sour grapes' headline:

'Obama cheapens his office
with YouTube interview stunt';
Blade Readers Disagree in Comments
YouTube creators GloZell Green, Hank Green and Bethany Mota pose for a 
selfie with President Barack Obama. (Image via White House YouTube channel) 


Federal judge rules Alabama
ban on same-sex marriage
is unconstitutional


Happy Birthday, Theodore Richardson!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Live CB: come have fun
with us in our cum show


BTW, Devin, what's that stuff on your right pec?

The Caption for this was "Just Changing Oil," but
I think the Bigger News is the Very Rapid Healing
that our beloved Ken is Experiencing:
'Look, Boss! No Arm Sling!


You Go, Ken, Keep Pushing Ahead!

Tyler Hanson, demonstrates 'earth quake' Jackin' as cam jerks all over and pic turns blurry

Jerks Rapidly, Tells Girl Knocking at Door: Stop!
Cums then Cuts Show 9 Minutes Early to Leave 
with Girl; Keeps 65 fans and $265 in Tips
TYLER HANSON from 12/12/14 Show

I am looking for a Tyler Fan who would like to provide
a snap shot (one or more) of Tyler for each of 
Tyler's Shows. Just email ben@benjy47


James Franco shares Zachary Quinto Kiss Photo ahead of
'I Am Michael' Premiere

James Franco shared a photo of him and Zachary Quinto kissing
in their new movie, "I Am Michael," which is set to
premiere at the Sundance Film Festival.


Washington Blade: Bill seeking ‘conversion therapy’ ban dies
in Va. Senate committee

Sad Day for our LGBT Youth

January 22, 2015 | by Michael K. Lavers 

MATTHEW SHURKA underwent so-called ‘conversion therapy’ in Virginia when he was 20-years-old. He spoke in support of two bills on Thursday that would ban the controversial practice in the commonwealth. (Photo courtesy of Brad Kutner/GayRVA)


Posted January 22, 2015 by 

The “rumors” floating around about abominably ratchet gay porn studio aren’t really just rumors anymore, as several gay porn stars have now confirmed and spoken out publicly about the studio’s horrific business practices. In the past year alone, Rare Cargo’s Dallas Reeves and studio co-owner Baileey have been accused of pairing untested models in surprise bareback shoots, filmed a model who was under contract at another studio, misrepresented condom-only porn stars as bareback porn stars, allegedly engaged in tax fraud, and have even been called “shady” by Vadim Black. And these are just the things that people have been willing to talk about publicly.

But out of all the complaints against this shitshow of a studio in south Florida, the most common one has to do with performers and employees not being paid. One model has revealed to Str8UpGayPorn that he was forced to film “extra” scenes before he could receive a paycheck for his first scene. Even worse, Dallas Reeves and Baileey refused to buy the performer his plane ticket home until he filmed those extra scenes. Today, Str8UpGayPorn can share the story of yet another performer who’s owed thousands of dollars for work performed at He’s asked not to be identified, but I have confirmed his past employment with
Here’s the model in his own words:
So as you may be aware, I was working for Dallas and Baileey for about five months as a model and production assistant. I can confirm a lot of the rumors that you may or may not have heard about them. The one I am primarily looking to address is the not paying their models part. Occasionally, waiting a few days to pay for a scene could be acceptable, but I can confirm that I was not paid for seven scenes, website design work, and office/production work. After parting ways with Dallas Reeves and Baileey, I sent them an invoice for almost $4,000. I would be lying to you if I said that I expect to ever see those funds.
The model went on to tell me that most of his work was performed in September, meaning he’s now been owed the $4,000 for nearly five months.


Viewed 14M Times, the Viral
Twins, Aaron and Austin,
are Surprised by Ellen

Internet Celebrities with their Father
Are Invited to Appear on Ellen Show

Reader Submission - Thanks!