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Friday, October 31, 2014

Gambit Finds both Old Friends and New Friends Enjoying his Moves

Gambit, who Arrived on Cam as a Ninja,
Managed 63 for Halloween Night;
Tips at a Respectable $190

... building up to a tremendous unloading of cum

10 + 2 More Gambit Pics . . .

VB Group Show on 5pm at CB with Dustin, Tony, Devin, and Rocky;
A Hot Show of 4 Uncut VBers

Sold Crazy Tickets for Side-by-Side JO


Gambit Bleu, aka Julian, will
be performing at GH Tonight

GayHoopla.com -- 7 pm PDT -- 10 pm EDT

Tyler Hanson is Second Release this Week for GayHoopla.com

Members: Sign-in Here


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Jaden Doing Just Fine

At 3:37 pm PDT Thursday, Jaden tweeted this message:

"All done and getting food :) now to rest and set up a surprise get well soon gift!"

Theodore Returned to GH After
A Long Summer Working Hard;
Did Welcome Back Show Tonight

Theodore Drew Back Many Faces not seen
in a while; Attendance held in the 90's,
Hitting 110; Tips topped out at $575


10 pictures out of 25 taken (he's a man almost constantly in movement) . . .

Happy Birthday, Jonny 651!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Jaden Storm is Slated for Surgery Today, Thursday, October 30th

This is the way Jaden released the news: "Surgery at 10 a.m. tomorrow. Little nervous but wanted to say Thank You to everyone who has been wishing me well and for helping [me] and the VB through all of this!!"

"Our prayers, thoughts, and concerns go with you. Please feel our presence and the presence of your God sustaining you," said Benjy47.

The 'Jaden Storm Surgery and Recovery Time' Fund is Halfway
to its $8,000 Goal with $4,515

The Special VB Show to Benefit Jaden
Apparently is not included in that Total;
BNB Inquired about the amount raised
but was unable to get the info to date

Doc Tay Tay Became a One-Man Halloween Party tonight with
the Pumpkin in the Action

Small tippers carried the night to a total of
$165 in tips, 11 of which were from $5 
tippers; attendance peaked at 93

20 More Pics of Tay doing xxx with the Pumpkin! . . .

Paid To Be Gay?

Watching cam shows has become a normal day-to-day activity for many around the world. A chat-room also seems to help some of those people that would not normally talk to someone in person because they are too damn good looking, to gain the courage to do so on-line.  Whatever the reason a person chooses to watch a live cam show is totally on them. With that said, it does make a person wonder why there are those people that seem to have a problem with live cam shows performed by straight men attracting a gay audience.

This is not something new but there are cherry pickers around (you know who you are) that just seem to pay attention to certain models, certain sites, and act like they are doing the community (what community?) a great service by exposing them in many ways. For a critic to have an honest reputation they first have to apply their so called standards consistently or anything they say is just hot air and nothing more. It reminds me of a gnat that just will not leave you alone no matter how many times you swat at them. The good thing is a gnat eventually dies and so will those critics who think they know best with no one honest critique to their name. 

If one has a problem with gay-for-pay performers, then find those that are gay or straight (which- ever one floats your boat) and stick with them. To call those guys that do gay-for-pay “whores” and fail to call those who are gay “whores” as well, makes no sense because both are being paid. I would point out that there are those that are considered "attention whores," and one particular person has to have her, his, or its picture next to those two words for sure. Since there is no consistency in this person’s critique of the industry and she seems to only pick certain people out to target, then nothing she does is close to being professional, but plenty to do with garnering attention and nothing more. So the ultimate question is "Does she call someone a 'whore' as she is looking in the mirror?"

Staff Writer

The VB Twins have Arrived

. . . . . TONY STRIKER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DEVIN MATTHEWS

More of Tony & Devin . . .

The TWINS Arrive today!!!

New Voyeurboy models
Tony Striker and Devin Matthews!!

Tony will be up first at 3pm on F4F.
Devin Matthews will be up at 5pm, also on F4F.

(VB Contributor)

Voyeurboy Group show a rounding success!!

Dustin, Ken & Rocky. along with special guest Dmitry all took part in helping out our friend Jaden Storm, who will be having surgery on his hand this week. 

Members come out in droves, topping it to the #1 Male cam room on Chaturbate!

Thank you to everyone who partook in this special event!!

 enjoy some of these photo highlights...

(VB Contributor)

Happy Hump Day
What is on your mind today?

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

VB Fund Raiser for Jaden with Special Guest, Dmitry Dickov


DUSTIN (left), KEN (center), DMITRY (right)

The show began with some tipping and stripping for the first 1 1/2 hours (it started late) , followed by a ticket show which is a side-by-side jerk off. All proceeds go towards Jaden's surgery. Dmitry stopped by near the end of the second hour but had to leave to pick up HM Ray at the airport.

Special duo show tonight with
Ken Ott and Dustin Jones!
All money raised will go
towards Jaden's surgery. 

 Chaturbate Tonight!!
10pm (1am EDT)

 Plus, a Special Surprise guest!!!!

(VB Contributor)

'NICK' aka NotKIP

Room Attendance for a Tuesday Night Hit 130;
Variety of Members, Mixed with
Friends Tipped $710


Members of GayHoopla who are also members of USAcamGuys gathered early in the usacg chat room to begin the guessing game of who the "Man Behind the Mask" would be. Then the cam at usacg was turned to face the ceiling which left us only with sound. The masked man arrived and we heard the voice mixed with La El's and Dmitry's voices. That's when Dmitry quickly stepped to the switch which cut the sound off, too. Then LaEl announced that a clue was posted on GayHoopla's Twitter which was also quickly posted to this Blog. 

The music began to play and the masked man began to sway in such a way as to show a very ripped and tight body. Guesses continued. Then suddenly when he was exposing his abs, the raised shirt revealed one star on his left pec and one by one, the gig was up. Even after unmasking, he held his face from the cam for the tension-building revealing. He looked spectacular and better than ever. He even got compliments on his long hair.

Much later, the question was raised about the bed sailing into the swimming pool from the power of his energy. Nick simply responded, "I was mad," he said, but also stated that he didn't want to get into it because it would take "3 hours to explain." A question about why he was mad came up and he became very spirited and intense as he firmly responded, "Why the hell do you think I got the hell out of there?" Almost instantly, the smile returned to his face and the seriousness left. No one asked any more of those type of questions.

The show was great fun from start to finish. The attendance number that held the longest was 121 even throughout the JO and cum (which hasn't been happening lately). Talking about cum, one shot took off over the right side of his body and it appeared that a spray of the shot may have hit his face as he blinked and shook his head. If you didn't see this show, this is probably one you're not going to want to miss. Welcome to GayHoopla, Nick!

17 More shots of Nick in the Show . . . 

Clue from GH's La El


GayHoopla Reminds Members and Friends that Tonight, Tuesday, is another 'Who's Behind the Mask'

So far, "Who's Behind the Mask' Shows have produced such characters as JJ Swift aka Jonah, Theodore Richardson aka Theo, and Gambit Bleu aka Julian. Tonight has been said to be just as exciting or even more--Official LaEl calls him a "FratLegend."!

DON'T FORGET TO VOTE for the Nov. 3rd Update Choice on the top of the Site.

November 1st lots of you will be very excited about some GayHoopla news. Be on the look out!

Special Duo Show Tonight with Ken Ott, Dustin Jones on CB at 10 pm PDT with a Surprise Guest!

East Coast: 1 am EDT
Tweeted version:
minutes agoSpecial Duo show tonight with & on at 10PM PDT w/ a SURPRISE guest!

CURRENTLY PERFORMING: Ken Ott on F4F--tweeted at 3:30 PM PDT or 6:30 PM EDT

Good Morning / Afternoon!
You made it through another
muddled Monday. 
Get through today and hump day is next.
(One day at a time.)  :-)

Monday, October 27, 2014

Tyler Hanson hits the Big Time with GayHoopla, and the Home Cams with CB--all in one week

Tonight, Tyler Used Blue Beads and Anal
Play to make 74 Happy Fans, Culminating
In a Bust; Fans Tipped Grateful Tyler $240
12 More Screen Caps . . .

Two Releases for Two Weeks, then Back to Mondays; This Week Featuring Max, Jerod, and Tyler

CLICK HERE                     CLICK HERE

.......................... FRIDAY: TYLER

Sunday, October 26, 2014

New VoyeurBoy schedule for the Week of Oct. 27th thru Nov. 2nd

2 New models, 1 new cam shift, 1 HOT week!!

(Sub. VB Contributor)