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Grandmother of Owen Johnson (Calvin) Succumbs

(See main post below and consider sending him condolences
either by Twitter or in the Comment Section of the main post.

Friday, December 19, 2014

HMJ: 'It's Finally Time
to Unload on Landon';
La El Returns the Favor

See Comments from QueerClick article on Fratpad:

Grandmother of Owen Johnson (Fratmen Calvin) Succumbs


It is with an extremely heavy heart that I wish to report I have received a tweet (as has everybody else on his twitter) from Fratmen Calvin stating that his Grandmother has passed away. For all of us who followed him knows he lived many years with her. We all know how devastated he is now.

If you could put a note of some sort of notice on the blog, I would greatly appreciate it so all his followers can send their condolences to him and his family. He definitely needs our support now.

Thank you so much

...and while we're into controversial...

Only Obama could get gas to $2, end 2 wars, get bin Laden, double the Dow, get people health insurance then be told hes failing as president

Happy Birthday, Stevesojo!
Happy Birthday, DOC TAY TAY!

SexFlexible's Interview with GayHoopla's Landon was Excellent; Some Commenters
Cross Line of Decency

GH's Landon called 'Blatant Homophobe;'
employees and members are called
'delusional ass-kissers' and 'nothing but
pathetic fags' in Landon's Eyes

Apparently some Responders have Little or No Appreciation
for Gay History and the Previous Battles Fought for Gay Freedoms by those now being requested to "die off"
and with Room 
Only for Intolerance;

A positive comment received this man's theory:

"And it's the generation of gay people like you that needs to finally die off so that we can all be over this ass-kissing, ball-sucking, 'straight' man worship. Your breed are the worst kind, a dredge on the rest of us ... [Landon] knows gay guys like you are so sick and twisted in the head that they enjoy being demeaned, devalued, and exploited by 'straight' men because you feel inferior to them.

"You and Landon deserve each other. Your self hatred and his homophobia are a match made in heaven. The rest of us are just sitting over here waiting for guys like you to finally die off so we don't have to look at this shit any more or hear about how hot 'straight' guys are or how hot it is when 'straight' guys have gay sex.
"Jesus fucking christ just die already."

While the responders' theories and analysis may be true for some members and visitors, it becomes flawed by the responders' attempts to universalize their complaint. Firstly, viewers are well aware that the percentage of so-called straight men which they are viewing are one of many of the thousands of shades of "bisexuality"--a convenient word to cover a very large area of sexuality. Admittedly, there are some who continue to demand, "Are you straight, "bi" or gay?" It's simply the wrong question in this day and age.

Secondly, there is a sexual fantasy diametrically opposed to demeaning and weakness. This fantasy is that gay is so good and so powerful that ultimately so-called straight can be made to submit to it. Rather than being demeaned, there is quite a sense of power for those who are motivated by the fulfillment of strength, power, or dominance. The more muscular the so-called straight man is, the more the sense of fulfillment.

Thirdly, only when people decide to be tolerant can there be a hope for learning and understanding one another. If one side insists on insulting, demeaning, and calling the other names, our gay community will continue to be divided and hindered in their work to gain and insure more and more of the civil rights due them, recalling the famous words, "United we stand, divided we fall."

Fourthly, Pat Robertson believes that gays "will die out" because they cannot reproduce. His rationale belies his ignorance on what being gay is all about and its continuing ability to propagate itself through heterosexual intercourse. When we say that a fetish for men straighter than we are, will die out, we begin to take on the Robertson approach. In the same way we don't expect the fetish for feet, other parts of the body, or the fetish for S&M to die out, why should we expect that the desire for someone sexually appealing would die out simply because he falls elsewhere on the sexual scale than we do?

There is a lot of room for discussion, questions, and understanding. Closed minds, impatience, or borrowing a page from the fundamentalist "die" category is not going to help anybody especially when you find men of your own generation with this particular fantasy. Landon cannot make people develop a "straight" fantasy nor any other fantasy. Landon is one of others who simply strive to fulfill a want or a need. To say he creates, recruits, or continues a fantasy by what he does is giving him far more credit in the area of human sexuality than he can ever develop. 

In one sense, it sounds as though you are after the factors that will help keep Gay healthy--and that's good. To define Gay, however, only in your terms, without serious consideration of the many varieties of Gay that exist is to short-change many Gay people and to keep yourself less than fully informed. You preach with great exuberance, but need to feed what comes into the brain so as to be accurate with what comes out of the brain.

Read the Entire Interview, the SexFlex Commentaries,
and their Readers' Comments:

Thursday, December 18, 2014

DocTayTay and Nikki's mid-week CB show tonight was attended by 50% less, but still over 3,000


Jason Keys brought Holiday Joy
to 82 Fans Thursday night
who in turn tipped $280


Bryan Hawn's 'Say Something' Supports the Right to Love

Some Presents are just So Nice, I simply have to give them Twice!

Jason Keys Performing
at GayHoopla Tonight
7 pm PST, 10 pm EST

Voyeurboys "ORGY" Video is now posted and available for viewing!


Minus the packaging, shelving and building,
I only see 2 non-edibles in this pic  ...

. . . generally speaking. What do you think HE sees?

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

28th Birthday for DocTayTay with a steady 195-210 topping at 256 including CBers from first show

Doc Hits a High Room Attendance, some
of whom were there to see more of Nikki
from the CB appetizer; only $155 in tips

Much More of Doc . . .
Only 4 of Nikki at the very end . . .

'I picked this Holiday Gift
for my Readers,' said Ben, all
the way from Quebec, Canada

Except for Jostopa who doesn't like it that this
Human Interest Story is about a gifted young man
who is 16 and we shouldn't be looking at him singing

Resulting in this . . .

Listen carefully at the end of the song for the gifts that Ellen Gives him.

Plus this Stocking Stuffer . . .

Ellen Strips Mario Lopez; click below pic:
Mario Lopez Only Strips for Ellen DeGeneres

Gay People 'Will Die Out
Because They Don’t Reproduce'
Says Pat Robertson

I am looking forward to someone putting together a book of all the sayings of Pat Robertson, and call it The Wisdom of Pat Robertson as late as 2014. While what he says now seems dated and occasionally offensive, I can see where a whole book of this "wisdom" could provide many hours of humorous entertainment in the future. Quite possibly in our own lifetimes, we will be able to say that we lived through such a period of time when Mr. Robertson's "words of wisdom" were actually taken seriously by a significant minority, making it all the funnier. I wish I had the time or inclination to take the project on. On second thought, perhaps we will be better off to just let Pat Robertson and his wisdom "die out" never again to be reproduced.

It's Ass-Wednesday and Twerking Star, DocTayTay will be with us Tonight to help Celebrate


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

JJ Swift Show of 12/12/14: Dormon's Artistry Re-creates
this Friday Show in 8 Collages


Nick Porter Meets a Fan in Chat who says, 'Nick's just too hot not to tip him;' Room High 74; Tips $175


More of Nick . . .

Gay Hero of Sydney Hostage Crisis Died a Second Class Citizen

Prime Minister Tony Abbott called Tori Johnson "good people," then laid flowers and said nice words but he's still fighting to deny marriage rights to "good people" such as Tori Johnson.

(Courtesy of HuffPost)

Gay Hero Dies Protecting Hostages In Sydney Siege


One man charged the terrorist. Tori Johnson was 34. He managed the Lindt Chocolate Café for two years. Employees and customers all said he was a good man, a kind man. He was also a gay man.

(Courtesy of

Nick Porter will be performing
at Tonight

Gay W. Virginia high school soccer player comes out by dancing
with homecoming king

By Michael S. Martin on Dec. 16, 2014, 8:34a


Michael Martin, an all-state goalie, slow danced with the guy who gave him the courage to be himself. Inspired by Robbie Rogers, Martin Now hopes to inspire others.

(Written in First Person; includes more pics)