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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 1st we welcomed Old Friend Theodore; Tonight 126 fans said Goodbye til Fall, giving him $1,190

Theodore was welcomed by a 'Members Only'
Group of 113 from which came $1,435
in appreciation and welcome tips


FratPad Owner: 'This Really is
The End of an Era;' Pad Shows
are now Suspended Indefinitely

For a summary of the Hostmaster Show, see the comments below; members and readers have been excellent at keeping us accurately informed and we at the Blog were happy to provide our services to make this possible. Our detailed coverage of the FP closed over the weekend.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014 -- "Tax Day"
What is on your mind today?

  • Blanche's FP Chat Log from when it was still available.
  • I pray for the remaining FMs, and remain concerned for them.
  • Is there anyone we know filing joint for the first time?
  • Feel free to add whatever is on your mind. (Go to Comments.)

Monday, April 14, 2014

73 Fans Saw Brad Valentine in his New Apartment and Putting
on an Awesome Show

Canadian West Coast -- Van Vancouver -- Still considering a Duo possibly with Dmitry.
60 Snap Shots . . .

More to be Looking Forward to . . .

Three guys who made history
by bringing the Seder to the
White House are interviewed

Well known Theologian, Paul B. Raushenbush, ‏announced "My interview with the three guys who made history by bringing the Jewish Seder (Meal) to the White House can be seen here --" Mr. Raushenbush is the grandson of the famous Social Gospel Theologian Walter Raushenbush, associated with Rochester (NY) Theological Seminary, through which yours truly received his 3-year Masters in Theology.

News Briefs . . .

Finnish postal service issues ‘Tom of Finland’ g-male erotica stamps


3 Friends Given Time to Upgrade their Internet or Relocate; Lacks Power for Live GayH Standards

This Week's Schedule includes Brad Valentine Tonight, and Highlight's Theodore Richardson for a Return Visit on Tuesday and also Introducing Jake Ross for his First Live Show Wednesday. Some folks will be absolutely delighted with the balance of the week's schedule in this order: JJ Swift, Jaden Storm, Dmitry Dickov, and Official La El to wrap it up on Sunday Evening. Here's hoping the 3 Friends -- Hunter Gage, Adam McBride, and Seth Rose -- will be prepared to return for the following week.
Brad Valentine on GayHoopla Tonight (Monday)
7 pm PDT - 10 pm EDT

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Jason Keys, Fresh from Hard Core, is enthusiastically quizzed by fans before his shower, and Cum Show

Jason Maintains a Steady Crowd in the 150s, Topping at 159;
Stops by GayHoopla Studios for his Tip Check of $585;
Jason was a bigger hit at GH almost 'overnight'

Enjoying Answering questions about his first male sex experiences.

50 Dormon Snap Shots . . .
Jaden Storm on his Show before GH's evening Show

Jason Keys Tonight on GayHoopla 
at 7 pm PDT -- 10 pm EDT

Sunday, April 13, 2014:
What is on Your Mind Today?

A 'Bad Week' has Turned Better for Some, Even Worse for Others who Thought They Could Trust

The Situation and Condition of the New 'Titanic' is Debatable;
Moving Aimlessly without a Rudder makes its Directional 
Movement Not Able to be Determined, nor Trusted

Many made it to a lifeboat realizing the wisdom of making an escape;
Others clung with much hope to the old phrase, "Going Down with the Ship"
Which is actually meant to be observed by the Captain and not the passengers
To those who have lost friends because of the lifeboats, we offer our deepest sympathies;
Just like the original Captain, this Captain escaped before the tragedy hit;
Even while still taking on water, this Captain had another
Party thrown in his honor this weekend


Just Rough Waters . . . . . . . . . . . . Actually Sinking

UPDATE: Word has been received that plans are to begin broadcasting from the bottom of the Ocean floor in a "NEW" concept known as "Fantasy Land, version 1- 2- 10." This version will allow the Captain to count, as he makes regular trips to the North Shore in Hawaii on weekends from the depths of Fantasy Land. What a concept! 

It is advised that we do not disturb any of those who are remaining with the Captain and the Ship because there is no new site anywhere that could meet the very unusual needs of those remaining and the unusual ability of the Captain to give them profound assurance and trust that the best place for them to be is the new depths of Fantasy Land. 

I am perfectly willing to not disturb them there and I hope they won't read the banned blog any further so they won't be tempted to become disturbed. For the rest, please join me with the VoyeurBoys in the heights of GayHoopla-ville and forget all about burglaries, firings, site closings, new concepts, and anything else that tempts us to wallow in the shadows of the immense depths of suffering.

And now, for those who remain and await the Captain's return, we turn you back over to the Ship's own Communication system which, it is reported, is believed and trusted more than any other source of news.

Editor's Note -- This is an analogy with the names changed to protect the innocent and to conform to the demands of the Comment Guidelines which were established by substantial input from the readers.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Hunter Gage Wows the Crowd with Body, Mind, Face; Drawing 167
New Fans, earning $945

For his first show, his movements were 
very well executed, eye contact was
good, personality, voice attractive

"A Real, Straight-Up Shooter!"
50 Dormon Snap Shots . . . 
Jaden and JJ Duo Prep in Progress

Jaden Storm Announces a Duo with JJ Swift Today at 5 or 6 PDT

Also, Jason Keys will be performing one morning and one evening show  Today.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Adam McBride did a combo exercise-posing, and very hot, brisk, romantic JO to 119 for $740

60 Dormon Snap Shots . . .

Owner Said Friday, Ben's News Lies; Ben Says 'All my information
comes from FM-FP Sources'

Owner Says All of Ben's Reports are False;
Ben Says, 'Half of what I receive from FM-FP Sources
was obtained from Owner and Management personnel'

Owner calls for a head on Attack on 
Ben's Blog by Remaining Soldiers

UPDATED: 03:10 am EDT (12:10 am PDT), 04-12-14

What the owner of Fantasy Land does not seem to be able to grasp is that I don't need his crap to keep busy. As a matter of fact, I am a little resentful that I had to fall into the role of picking up the slack for his organization which was providing no substantial or helpful information until Tuesday when a brief note came out telling us that they needed a week to put together a plan to know what they were doing next. Well, the week is over and--you guessed it--they need a break and they need more time.

The big difference between the owner and I is this: I take all of my work seriously--even the rare jokes and cartoons--and most importantly, I care about customer service to, and for the people. I realize that whether one is in business to make a profit or one is doing a non-profit service, the end goal is always the people. Note that I said "always" ... not just when the times get rough or when we have time between the relaxing events in our lives, or time to jot off a quick note, but always. For half a century, my life has been spent in service to people which makes me keenly aware of when it's missing.

Adam McBride Tonight on GayHoopla
7 pm PDT - 10 pm EDT