Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Jaden & Ken Duo included table game, massage, shower, and JO

Jaden Storm will be holding a Member Meeting on CB today;
All are welcome at 5p PT, 8p ET

Tweeted earlier today:
Today for our 5pm show will be holding a Member Meeting on . All are welcome.

Cum on in to see Dustin perform another spectacular show: now

VB's 24/7 Cams Picked Up Brody Packing Up, Clearing Out, Loading Car; Aiming at Other Opportunities

Jaden Needed a Full Time Cam Model
on the Cam Schedule regularly; Brody was
Going to be Needing Much More Time Away

October Birthdays—Don’t be left out, Join for free now!

04 – Ken Ott                                           14 – G
05 – Cameron Foster                               20 – Fireman432
08 – Disney                                            26 – NotNico
09 – Luminados                                      30 – Ray Ban
11 – Chase (IA)                                      30 – Jonny651

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In Another New VB Video, a
Facial is Offered and Received

The Sean Holmes Comes to for Hump Day


Second New VB Video is titled
'Snack Time'; Cum See Why

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

3 Men who Always Seem to
be working on Something

 GayHoopla Owners and Staff observe some new
ideas and discuss the possibilities.

Owen Johnson Performs an
action-packed 1 1/2 hrs. on Tonight

68 Fans Enjoy the Fun Time and
Tip $100 with House Challenge


26 Screen Caps . . . 

Fans Present Duke Stolz with a Car; Duke suggests, 'How About a Comeback?' Solo, Not VB

Duke was quite pleased and surprised to have reached the goal of a car just two weeks after reaching out for some help for transportation to school and to work.

"Look what is now sitting in my backyard!" said Duke. "I cannot thank all the 'donators' enough! This would not have been possible so soon without your help! I appreciate the kindness! As for the reward levels, I will be sending out that stuff shortly! It is a stick shift and I am in the process of learning to drive it. Not doing too bad so far!"

This all started on September 10, 2014, with this simple announcements: "I am a college student who is working on completing four years of school. By time the fall semester started of my junior year, I could not afford to return. Then with my car engine locking up, there was no way I would be able to return for the fall semester. Thankfully, I found out about UPS and applied there.  Long story short, I got the job and will be earning just enough money for school. Now the only problem is I need a car. I found some good possibilities on craigslist. I am only shopping for cars under $3000. Any help is greatly appreciated and means the world to me!"

Jaden Returns from Family Event
To Tuesday Morning Show on CB


Monday, September 29, 2014

Jason's Actions were Heroic as he carried needy young woman into ER and told 'You saved her life'

Jason Began his Monday Show with a Story of Rescuing
a Young Woman from the Consumption of Xanax and 
Alcohol who had collapsed/fallen in the bathtub
and who was struggling to get sufficient air
Jason's Show had a top attendance of 84 
and Keys was tipped a total of $380
Please go  to the GayHoopla Members' Video section 
to hear the details of the story in Jason's own words.

Want a Membership? Click: HERE
More Show Shots . . .

A 'Wide' Variety of Shots from Rocky's 'Foundational' Show;
Rocky Wins Battle of the Trolls


Ken Ott gives us a step by step lesson on the proper way
to use a dildo, on C4


One Vegas Entertainer
Mimics Four Gay Icons

Watch her be made up:

Str8UpGayPorn Names GH's Andy Sheckler as one of '3 gay porn newcomers to keep an eye on'

......................STONE ..........................ANDY SHECKLER.............................. KEVIN LONG
...................CockyBoys...........................GayHoopla................................Next Door Male

Monday--Already a Solo Winner of the Week--GayHoopla's gorgeous Andy Sheckler, Says The Sword


Good News Monday ...

...........ANDY (on Video) ............. KEN on VoyeurBoys-C4 ................. JASON on GayHoopla .....
............Monday All Day ................ Monday Afternoon .......................Monday Evening ....

 Watch Andy Scheckler anytime:
Non-Members can watch Andy's Trailer; Members can watch the full video.
Watch Ken Ott at 3 pm PDT (6 pm EDT)
Watch Jason Keys at 7 pm PDT (10 pm EDT)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Daniel Carter Closes Out the Weekend for GayHoopla
Members and Friends

80 Delighted Fans Enjoyed Daniel's
Personality, Sense of Humor, and
Muscle Development; tipped $110


Cum Landing Zones screen-capped . . . 

Rocky's Show is on at 5 PT

A tired Ken Ott, off cam less than
8 hours ago, is back on this
late Sunday Morning

Decisive Victory for Dustin over Ken from Results of Tip War
In Extended Saturday Show

Dustin Got to Jerk Off;
Ken Got to Fuck himself
In a 2 Part, 5 hour Show


Saturday, September 27, 2014

'This article just made me
spit tea through my nose'

MIKE (@OfficialNotMax)



For the Yoga explanations of how this will help you to be a better
bottom, go to the site at:

Then click below for appropriate Yoga music:

'Dmitry and the Chat Room's Excellent Adventure' as
Screen Goes Black


Tyler was not there tonight, so good ol' dependable Big D was filling in for him. Right at the very beginning, Mr. Dickov told us about  the ongoing problems with the faulty chat for which he was suing to get his money back. We were supposed to be on the lookout for which browser's functioned well with it and which did not. The show continued and little did we expect that our host model would be the one to experience a chat cut-out leaving him without communication with his chat room. From that moment on, Dmitry did not know whether he continued to have an audience or not, but he continued on with a blank screen while the chat room creatively took over all aspects of the communication.

Someone called for Ben of Ben's News to take over hosting. Ben began calling Dmitry's moves for his cum show as though it were a horse race of sorts. Others from the chat soon got into the swing of the verbal action adding their own unique "flavors" of humor which kept the chat rolling and several people ROFL. Someone said, "Ben is hot," but Ben disagreed and said, "No--Dmitry is hot" while someone else added to it that they thought they smelled hair burning! Someone called for popcorn which caused another to suggest that Dmitry was already preparing the hot, sweet, creamy butter for the popcorn. Just look at the Dmitry-churning action! NeonLeon said, "Someone could make it through high school by the time Dmitry's load traveled the length of that penis!"

Unfortunately, our friend Dmitry missed most of the the verbal action which did not seem to miss a beat and kept the show interesting for the number of new members present for their first live show and first experience with GayHoopla. Although this is far from a regular occurrence, it just goes to prove we have members who love and take care of their models. Members of the Chat Room were at their best tonight as many of them contributed to the humor and hilarity of the show, even though the model had lost communication with his audience. Mr. Dickov never wavered but continued on assuming his audience was still there although he could neither see nor hear them. Thanks to all the guys for their faithfulness to models in general and to Dmitry in particular on this night. Most of them stayed to the very end and later Dmitry seemed very grateful.