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Friday, April 17, 2015

Ash Redcliff Misses Friday Night Show; Jaden has to fill in;
Is he in Trouble?


Brett Cady wows the Room with
92 New Fans who tip him $200
for Sparkling, Sexy Personality

Age 19; See his New Solo Video:
Click HERE.
Just 6 More Pics ...

VoyeurBoys' Friday Night
Show Just Taking Off

5:30 pm PDT --- 8:30 pm EDT

Solo Jerk-Off video of Chris Connor posted up at Voyeurboys


Part of our Introduction to Brett was done on a Mountain,
high above Traffic

Brett Cady on Cam Tonight
7 PT, 10 ET

Click HERE to view his Preview

What's on Your Mind?

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

7 Weeks Away, It's Time to
Start Thinking AIDS/LifeCycle;
Plan for 2015 was a Team Ride

JJ is pictured above wearing this year's AIDS/LifeCycle shirt--June 2015

Within the past two years, it has been the tradition of Ben's News (now BN&F) in mid-April to begin the process of drawing attention to the AIDS/LifeCycle ride from Sacramento to Los Angeles for the benefit of AIDS research and related issues for those living with AIDS. Also, for the past two years, it has been the tradition of JJ/Jonah to begin the drive for funds right about mid-May. 

Since JJ is already registered for the 2015 LifeCycle, and has assured his donors and potential donors throughout the year of his upcoming participation, I would have felt derelict in my duty to ignore the occasion and ignore the parts of his speeches and reassurances that it will happen, should I not have begun to proceed at this juncture. One of his last communications included the preparations that he was doing for his bike.

While in the past, his efforts brought great pride to the companies he worked for and/or co-owned, we anticipate that this year, his efforts will bring great pride to his immediate and even extended families as they witness his commitment and generous spirit to such a worthwhile cause. These efforts have now made living with AIDS an option in this generation, instead of the death sentence it was for the last generation or two.

While JJ has experienced considerable trauma in the last ten months with his work, his living arrangements, his grandmother's health, and a plethora of personal and family issues, it will be the policy of BN&F  to cover the AIDS/LifeCycle ride with the respect it deserves as well as the privacy and respect that JJ deserves. We expect to cover this ride with the emphasis being on the ride itself, followed by JJ's commitment and generosity and anyone else who decides to join him in becoming "the team" that JJ first described as an ideal for the 2015 ride upon returning from it last year.

Zane Penn on GayHoopla Tonight with a Funny and Sexy Show; $240 tipped by mostly small tippers


7:00 PM PDT -- 10:00 PM EDT

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Chance Cruise was Up Tonight for; Evoked Twitters, and Positive Audience Responses

Should Chance Consider
Returning to the Stripper Pole
as Part of his Live Performances?

  1. Name the Year ...

Can be viewed in video form in

Voyeurboys Schedule for the week of April 13-19. A big welcome
to new model Ash

It was bound to happen at some point...
Tyler Hanson & Jason Keys hook up a few weeks into their college semester. It was bound to happen at some point. The guys would always catch each other stealing a glance at one another. It was a Sunday morning and both Tyler and Jason agreed on kitchen duties. As they're cleaning, both went to grab the cleaner at the same time. As the two locked eyes, they realized the entire build up of this close intimate moment. They said fuck it and finally kissed. They traded blowjobs and Tyler wanted to be the bottom boy. He’d seen Jason’s dick a few times and thought it would fit perfectly into his hairy hole. He was right, and Jason fucked the education out of Tyler’s asshole.

Feel the Need to Join Jason and Tyler?  Click HERE!

New VoyeurBoy Named Ash

"Hi everybody, I hope you'll enjoy watching me."
Ash's first show is tonight at 8pm PDT.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Sunday, April 12, 2015

GayHoopla Whets our Appetites ...



Coming Out April 20th

Photo coverage of Jaden Storm, Ken Ott & Zane Pierce from Phoenix Pride in today's AZCentral

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Some Fun Pictures of VoyeurBoys with Pride Visitors

5 more pictures . . .

Faithful 'Cult' of Dmitry Dickov Spends Enjoyable Saturday Evening with Big 'D' -- 7 pm PDT -- 10 pm EDT;
Updates with Great Conversation;
40-Minute Edging Session


Two New Models at FM House:
Knox and Rocco