Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Wells Responds to Criticisms by Deleting Twitter, CB accounts

After Offering Lengthy Explanations,
Wells Removes himself from the Ruckus
In a response received today at 3:32 p.m. EDT (12:32 p.m. PDT), Wells issues this statement to the community: "Everyone will be happy to know that the big bad wolf is gone. I have deleted my Twitter account and my CB account. I no longer want or need to be on these sites. I came onto this blog open and honest about everything. I have not lied about or minimized my actions in any way. All of you have have jumped on the band wagon, anonymously I might add, to criticize me and to tear me down for my alleged actions. If you are a mod for Jason, you know that these accusations are taken out of context and twisted in a way to make me look my worst. You are nothing but hypocrites and cowards as I have witnessed you do far more than you can accuse me of. Jaden and JJ know the truth about their house, as do their so called "loyal" friends. However, it isn't an issue anymore for me. I am done. At the end of the day it doesn't matter anyway because once I sign off this nonsense is not a part of my life. This type of shredding is not anything I have not seen different CB groups do to people in the past. Be careful. You just might be next. That is not my playing the victim, that is the reality of the situation. Good luck to all! ~WELLS"  (from post "Is Interest in the Solo Performance dwindling or is there other Trouble in Paradise?")

In another response, this one addressed to Jaden, Wells writes: 
"Yes... I understand, Jaden, that you have warned your house guest to stay away from me..LOL! I must be pretty dangerous..Anyway, not to worry. Tell you kids that the big bad wolf is gone and they don't have to be scared any more! Thanks. You are such a kind and caring person to try to protect you friends the way you have. Hmm. Interesting! ~WELLS"  (from post "http://benjy47.blogspot.com/2014/07/voyeurboys-hanging-out-talking-with.html")

Hunter Gage tonight at GH, 7 PT

Another week before I return to the hand surgeon to have the level of healing re-evaluated and its readiness for reconstructive surgery.  Ben
Happy Birthday, ryanguy!
Happy Birthday, JJ Swift!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Jaden Storm was a well dressed cop for Tonight's show at GayHoopla which hit a high of 127

The Tip figure was unavailable for publication;
The Show pictures will be published
following Comment Guidelines Release

VoyeurBoys hanging out talking with fans, including the Blog's discussion on chat room Mods


Str8UpGayPorn Blog: The Only
Five Pairings as Good as Max Summerfield and Jeff Niels



An Interview with Levi Karter who says he's a Grindr tease; Admits farting in Pierre Fitch's face

Written by Adam Baran -- July 28, 2014

OpenID chosen as BNB's New Third-Party Contractor for Commenters' Registration

It has been decided to keep Ben's News Blog (BNB) as a free service. In order to keep it that way, we must select third-party helpers who offer their services for free. Our current registration system is bulky, time consuming, breachable,  and must be eliminated. The best system, in my opinion, is the OpenID (which is also its Registered Trademark). Besides coming without cost, it also uses the services of companies that the readers who wish to Comment may already be using such as Google, Yahoo, LiveJournal, Hyves, Blogger, Flickr, Orange, Mixi, MySpace, WordPress, VeriSign, AOL, or even "rolling your own" using your own URL.

When the new Comment Guidelines are published no later than Wednesday, number one (#1) is registration and this is why we are putting this information out early so those of you who wish to be ahead on the Guidelines may go about getting your OpenID which will be available for use at BNB, along with many other companies who accept OpenID as their means of entering their site. At BNB, OpenID is only needed for those who wish to Comment on anything at any time (if done utilizing the Comment Guidelines). The rest of the readers will NOT be required to register--just as it is now--only now--the registration "skippers" will be eliminated from entering the comment section.

Anyone wanting to serve this Blog as a Registration Guide to answer questions for people trying to register for OpenID, may submit an email to bens.news@ymail.com. Be sure to tell me which one of the OpenID registration processes you have learned and in which you feel a level of confidence--such as Google, Yahoo, Blogger, etc. (see: http://openid.net/get-an-openid/). Anyone wishing to immediately register to comment for when we pull the switch to turn on Open ID, may also check out http://openid.net/get-an-openid/.

This provides us with a registration process with no "back doors." Any unregistered persons will not be allowed in to Comment. Optional and additional nick names may be used when signing in. This also helps the Blog and the Commenters cover their tails with regard to attempted forgeries of names. I am hoping this will provide a whole new world, but also one in which freedom of speech will allow for greater flexibility because the commenter is already verified through registration.

Thank you for your patience and support.

VB Rocky is on the Schedule
for this Week

Another highlight for Monday at VoyeurBoys will be Jaden Storm doing a GayHoopla Show at 7p PT

Jaden Storm is co-owner of VoyeurBoys Cam House with JJ Swift.
The Show will be available on the East Coast at 10p ET.

British rowers strip off once more to fight anti-gay hate in sport

Giving every gay man, bisexual and straight woman a
chance to do good AND look at some very hot naked guys


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Gay porn star Bruno Knight arrested trying to traffic
crystal meth to UK

LINK REPAIRED:                                                          STORY AT:

Credits: GayStarNews and NSFW blog Str8UpGayPorn

Official La El wins 'Tub Game';
La El awards 'Losers' 1 Free Day Indicating 'all are Winners at GH'

La El draws 143 to his Show,
Accepts $605 in Tips

The object of the game is for La El to cum before the water level in the tub "drowns" his dick. The first problem developed when the water pressure was filling the tub at a rate that went against the norm according to GH's official plumber, Prestin Presley. La El had to stop to make adjustments to compensate. Then members heard additional sounds besides pressured water and Prestin verified that there was apparently drainage taking place. La El confirmed there was a piece of soap caught in the drain restraining it from completely sealing and water was draining out of the tub.

La El made several compensating offers because of the problems which some thought just could have an affect on the outcome of the game. La El and Dmitry decided on giving the losing side the same one day's free membership just as if they had won and La El had lost (which he still holds the winner's title. Free and New members will get the first month for $14.95 and then the rebill will return to the regular price with loyalty benefits should their membership continue for 30-60-90 days with cost reductions at each number of days. 

Prior to the tub game, La El sported a LaCross uniform and equipment as part of this week's Sports Theme. He followed this with some hot previews of upcoming videos and both new and hot regular men in heated action. Watch for the release of these soon. Congratulations to La El and all members and potential members who wound up as all winners tonight at GayHoopla.

Official La El fills the Screen
at GH Tonight at 7 PT


Temple University Eliminates
HIV Virus From Human Cells


Anti-Gay Activist: 'Game of Thrones' is Proof LGBT Rights
Will Normalize Incest


Is Interest in the Solo Performance dwindling or is there other
Trouble in Paradise?

For a quite a few of our favorite performers, breaking 100 in attendance was, well, kind of anticipated at least by midway through the show. Lately, this hasn't been as consistently true on not only GH, but the other cam networks our stars work on. One reader had this analysis of one example and I submit it for discussion to the rest of the readers:

"I have noticed Jason's fan base has been decreasing lately due to a certain person, a very obsessive fan, who has been scaring members off his Chaturbate shows. He was given the power to silence members in those shows, but takes rank advantage by silencing people that he doesn't like. 2 weeks ago he even silenced someone who had been tipping Jason the largest amount of tokens that night because he didn't like him. He tells the members in that show the things they can and cannot discuss due to his liking on the subject. I was silenced by him for posting a gif, yet I hear he posts gifs in other cam shows. I know a few people who used to be regulars of Jason's shows, but will no longer show up due to the behavior this person presents. And Jason is the only CB performer who I even listed on my favorites. But I too no longer attend Jasons CB shows, nor will I again. Maybe Jason's low tip number this week will give him a wake up call on how this is effecting his income....  RTA"

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Jason Keys Entertains 90 Fans at GayHoopla and tips of $120/hour

Complete Set of Dormon Show Pictures
will also appear here by tomorrow

39 Benjy47 Snap Shots . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . With Action Cum Shots

Current Comment Guidelines were written for use with FM-FP Page; Re-writing begins later Today

The action of ending the FM-FP as rapidly as I did, was worth the overlap of not having a current set of Comment Guidelines. The current guidelines were written exclusively for use during the time of the FM-FP page and now it is essential to return to the Guidelines from before such a division. It may sound like an easy process but it is going to take a few days. 

The original guidelines were developed during the final email conversation with a certain lawyer and that seems to be the safest way of proceeding while also preserving (a) the right to cover the stories of Landon's life (such as the Trial), and (b) the right to extend adequate freedom of speech to the readers. (The latest court decision gave the same rights to bloggers (blog owners) as all reporters and news media had, and does not hold the blog owner responsible for the opinions expressed by those "writing in." That new decision needs to be incorporated into the Guidelines so commenters are aware of their own individual liability.

I am anxious to get the work started and hope that a new set of guidelines is ready by Tuesday (Wednesday at the latest) if at all possible.