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Saturday, October 25, 2014

GayHoopla's Zach threatened with Non-Compete legal action by former employer without contract

Zach's Ex-Employer Doesn't
Produce Hard Core; GayHoopla
Doesn't Produce a 24/7 Cam House
(Certain Names are being withheld pending commencement of potential legal action.)

Ben's News has learned from a credible source that Zach, an independent contractor hired by GayHoopla (GH), has received what the source calls "threats" or what we call an advisory of a Non-Compete Legal Action against Zach for offering his services to a "competing" company. Zach's former employer is entitled to do that, but why would he since it already appears that there is no competition between GH and the Themed Cam House (TCH). 

GH is a hard core producing company which promotes their videos through a 1-hour per day live show which highlights the performers in the videos or soon-to-be in videos. TCH, on the other hand, is a 24-7 Cam House located in a large Mansion with many amenities for producing multiple and variable shows daily, done by staff performers hired to do talks, games, competitions, etc. with sexual innuendo and human touch but with no expectation of hard core in any of it.

Proposing legal action is an old tactic of this TCH owner who, to date, has most often come out on the losing side of most legal actions. That, however, doesn't hold him back from trying because the "threat" alone seemingly accomplishes a part of what he sets out to do. 

Zach, as an employee of TCH, had been fired with 3 other workers at TCH for an unauthorized entry into the owner's apartment which was entered by key. The incident was not reported to police and there remains questions as to what actually took place while they were there. At least one of the fired men was rehired by TCH and has received high recognition now for his work there. 

Former employees of TCH are regularly showing up at one of two new companies started by former employees of TCH, two of which had been fired by the TCH owner in 2013 and one of which has said on more the one occasion that huge pay issues including withheld pay, as the primary reason for his leaving. Just this week alone, GH announced the arrival of 2 men formerly employed by TCH and an additional man arriving next week. It is suspected that this development has set off the TCH owner into recognizable patterns from the past.

In the past, the Owner of TCH has not hid his anger or irritations about his former "ungrateful" employees, that even though they are no longer employed by him, he expects them to stay away from even hard core companies such as GH. This, however, is not universally applied since others from his employ did go hard core and were welcomed back with open arms. The striking pivot point is that the owner made a speech on video last year where he was quoted as saying that he didn't believe in the use of Non-Compete Contracts. He apparently, however, believes in them just long enough to get even with people who support his perceived competition (meaning ungrateful former employees)...

Friday, October 24, 2014

Dustin Jones mans the ship solo
for tonight's VB Group Show!

Jaden Storm broke his hand. Rocky Steele in bed with 104 fever. Ken Ott had a family matter to deal with. Chaturbate was also having its own issues, so Dustin switched over to his own CB room & did a 2 hour, 45 minute show! Dustin should be commended as he handled it all like a Pro.

(Submitted by VB Contributor)

Texas Airline Crowd
Tackles Antigay Attacker

Keep watching to end to meet the handsome brother of the video recorder.

Rocky Steele is sick in bed with
a 104 degree temperature

Jaden Storm will be Home
with Family this Weekend

Jason Keys will share every part of his body with you Tonight
on GayHoopla.com at 7*

*7 PDT; 10 EDT

Batman finally gets asked:
'Are you gay?'

See what George Clooney has to say.


Michigan LGBT rights advocacy group gets $3 million donation

Michigan LGBT rights advocacy organization in Michigan has received a $3 million gift from the estate of the group’s co-founder. Equality Michigan announced the donation from Dr. Henry Messer on Tuesday.

Nick Jonas Plays 'Guess The Bulge' Game Featuring Male Celebrities


has to deal with

 Voyeurboy SUPER owner, SUPER hero, SUPER Human being, Jaden Storm found his Kryptonite when he broke his hand late Wednesday night. Rest assured, he is home in his apartment, resting comfortably. Feel free to leave Jaden your best wishes in the comment section of this story. 

(Submitted by VB Member Contributor)

Dustin Jones spends over 10 hours on cam Thursday in F4F shows!!

Dustin stepped in to cover Jaden Storm's 11am show
followed by Jaden's scheduled 3pm shift and
kept it going well past 11pm. 

(Submitted by VB Member Contributor)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Jaden Storm Broke his Hand last Night, Wednesday, Announced VoyeurBoys in a Tweet

 No other information was available at 1:20 am EDT. BNB

Official LaEl Announces a 'Who's Under the Mask' for Next Tuesday

Ben Guesses that it will be a Frat;
LaEl Says that Guess is a
Very Good Guess

LaEl says he has not yet made up his mind whether or not Tuesday will be a members only show. We may learn this when the new schedule comes out late Sunday or Early Monday. If you plan to purchase a membership to GayHoopla and / or VoyeurBoys, please keep the Blog in mind for your subscription purchases.

Summerfield is a Conservative that Supports Gay Marriage; Tonight Max had 92 Fans, $125 in tips


16 More Max Snap Shots . . .

Latest Alexa Website Standings

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The figures stand for the number of websites ahead
of your position. Therefore, the lower
numbers are better positions.

Just how is Phil's fuck? New man, Zane, answers the question

The uniqueness of an Official LaEl Show is that, as one of the co-owners, he can show upcoming flashes of scenes that show us what we have to look forward to. Being that we are usually shown raw footage, we just might not see a detail in the finished product as we saw in the raw preview. Such might be the case in this question and answer headline. We did not hear anyone ask Zane anything--which isn't to say that anyone didn't. 

All we are saying is Zane appears to have answered this question by an unexpected comment made by Zane during the fucking of his ass in the midst of the filming. From out of the silence came this comment from Zane: "I haven't been fucked this hard since John." Some of us are not sure whether he used the word "hard" or the word "good" but either way it created one of those unusual video bloopers which undoubtedly will make its way into the video one way or another.

Queer Me Now Likes a Good, Solid Discussion on ... ... Jaden Storm's Advertising Habits? or What?

QMN Links to Ben's Blog for its
Headline on a VoyeurBoys'
Ad in Next Magazine

 The VoyeurBoys link takes you to VoyeurBoys.
The NEXT Magazine link takes you to Ben's Blog.
Click HERE to see the Queer Me Now Published Link.

Neil Patrick Harris

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dmitry Dickov, HM Ray Ban drive to L.A. tonight; Dmitry has a court case, Ray has a video assignment

Dmitry's Case Against Chat Code Writer
Who did Shoddy Work but took the
Money Anyway; 'D' Seeks it back

On the left, Ray and Dmitry pass by each other doing last minute preps for the trip. The Shot second from the left is Ray making his final voyage to the car. The third Shot from the left is Dmitry finally heading out to the car after returning one last time for the driving directions. The fourth one from the left is LaEl wishing them a safe trip after first inquiring, "You're not gone yet? Jeez."

Two Men of Experience and Two Inexperienced Men Join the Hard Core Side of GH this past weekend

Members Welcome  NotDolph in the Role of 'Zane';
NotTerry in the Role of 'Zach'; Second Timer,
Sebastian; First Timer, Tyler Hanson


If you wish to Join Us in all this action, just click HERE.
By clicking here, you help support Ben's Blog and
thereby, you help to keep the Blog FREE.

Many More Clip Shots . . .

An Official LaEl Show: 'Nothing Like It Anywhere!' News, Humor, Nakedness, JO, and Vid Clips

Official LaEl  Drew 131 Fans; Asked that 
Tips Be Withheld Because the Show 
Was a Gift Back to the Members

Several Tips Received were Added
Back to the Donor's Length
of GH Membership

The action part of the show started this way immediately after LaEl's opening monologue.

Don't miss the rest of his hot shots . . .

Tonight is Official LaEl's Night on GayHoopla.com at 7 PDT, 10 EDT

Hump Day Special: Anderson Cooper Destroys Pat Robertson's 'Towels Have AIDS' Warning


'Wasn't He Gay?': A Revealing Question About Mister Rogers

... employer of gays, a man who grew to support at least one friend's desire for an openly gay relationship and, above all else, a compassionate human being who assured each of us that, no matter who we are or what we do, we are always and everywhere lovable and capable of loving ...


Just as they are.

Michael G. Long, Editor: Gay is Good:
The Life and Letters of Gay Rights Pioneer Franklin Kameny


Family & Professional Details . . .

VoyeurBoys Fans had a field day with Ken Ott, Jaden Storm and then Rocky Steele at Flirt4Free throughout the day. Check out these hot photos of each guy getting close and intimate with his fans!!

 (Submitted by VB  Contributor)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014