Sunday, September 21, 2014

'Edge of Desire"-Just 3 Hours from now - Midnight PDT - 3 am EDT

Tyler Wraps Up the GayHoopla Week with an October theme;
104 Fans hot on his tail; $165 in Tips

pics coming

'Grumpy' Goal App Causes Room to Receive the Shower Show Free


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Severe Jet-Lag Does Not Deter Ken Ott from Providing a
Good Sunday Show


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48 Hours of Free Commenting at Ben's News: Registration
Names Kicked Aside

No Registration Names
Use: Guest for Anonymous
Starts Today at 3 pm PDT (6 pm EDT),
Ends Tuesday at 3 pm PDT (6 pm EDT);
All Other Comment Guidelines Apply

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Two Showers, Dildo Play, Cum, were Part of Brody's show
before three days away

Member Donates 3500 Tokens following Announcement
that Brody's Biological Father and Brother
Now Suffer with Cancer

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

GH's Colt, feeling much more relaxed, entertained 82 fans tonight; received $1,102 in tips

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Brody Leaves 4 pm Today
on a Trip Back to California;
Due Back Thursday Evening

SS Brody

Does This Have Merit?

There seems to be an attack lately on and by some that feel it is necessary to disclose as much personal information about the models as possible and the location of where they might work. Now has had its models harassed and shamed as well over time from certain people because they are disliked so much by some that they consume their day around finding as much personal information they can to spread to the world as they know it.

Why, that has only been around a little over a year, and which hasn’t even been online for a year, are harassed seems to be more of a personal attack then a valid professional one. It seems that some are trying their best to have these two sites go away before they ever get a strong foothold into the live cam world business.
I have tried to understand why others' live cam sites and their models are not harassed the same way as these three sites are but it seems to be someone’s passion to try and make certain models on these sites miserable while ignoring other live cam sites and their models. For those that claim to have a problem with guys doing live cam work and accusing them of whoring themselves out doesn’t seem to fit into their argument unless they can disclose something personal about them. 

If you don’t like a porn site or live cam site then don’t pay money to be a member or sign up for the free chat as well. Just find something that suits you and leave those you don’t care for alone because disclosing their personal information is not helping anyone and if anything it is putting lives at risk. I would ask those that seem to find pleasure in releasing personal information on a model with how would they feel if someone disclosed what they were doing to their family. I am sure their family would not approve of their work especially when it puts lives at risk.


Today Ken Ott Tells Bashers, Haters to Talk in Chat so he can Learn the Reasons for their Anger

Some Believe the Chat Interrupters are
Simply Taking Advantage of a
Very Generous Model

Does Ken expect the MODs to allow every insulting and racial slur that is normally held back from him, or does he actually think that all manner of hate can be intellectually approached? We hope that he permits the MODs to continue to shelter him (and us) from the slams of those who simply seem to hate his racial makeup. Should non-tippers enjoy the same benefits as tippers?

Colt Featured Tonight on GayHoopla at 7 PT, 10 ET

Sexy Saturday Duo Featuring
Ken Ott and SS Brody

5 pm PDT and 8 pm EDT
KEN OTT (left); SS BRODY (right)

Lunch with Ken Ott . . .

Friday, September 19, 2014

A little late night extra before Jaden leaves for airport
for a Friday pickup

Daniel was in for Colt Tonight Giving a Hot Performance for
84 Fans, Getting $140 in tips


Rocky: I'll be 21 in two weeks;
I'll be at home for three weeks

VoyeurBoy Members: Jaden may be in a private but you can spy in on two different cams right now


VoyeurBoys Group Show Starting Tonight at 5 PT and 8 ET; will
be Fun to the extreme

With VoyeurBoys Jaden Storm, Dustin Jones,
Rocky Steele, SSBrody on Chaturbate

Brody (left front), Jaden (left back); Dustin (right front), Rocky (right back)

Countdown: 4 Days Until (Part 1)
of "Edge Of Desire" will be
available for download

Brody Stalked in the Woods



Ben's News, since its inception, has put truth as a high priority; it is stated that M does also

We therefore submit the following 
Corrections for Consideration;
Report is Editorial in Nature

Respectfully Submitted Corrections to the M website by Benjy47:

(1) 9/18 M says Benjy47 "at it again": If reporting on disturbances in the various chat rooms is being "at it again," then I am certainly “at it again” by reporting on a regular basis. My reporting is in response to stories and it is not my intension to provide for secondary motivations.

(2) M reports on 9/18 that a conversation appearing in "Ben's Place" Chat Box (in what M calls the "chatterbox" and also has called the "comment section,") M reported that the conversation was in response to her publishing of the VB Cam House location. The fact is the conversation was initiated by a reader who was upset by the increased amount of harassing interruptions within certain chat rooms and the possibility of it being related to M. The publishing and/or releasing of the VB Cam House address was left entirely up to the VB Cam House owner and the ownership of Chaturbate. I did not seek to report on those conversations around the subject of security.

(3) 9/18 M published: "His bunions (since he refers to M2 readers as minions)..." I recall one of my readers referring to M and two of those who are her most regular persons who comment as minions, but I do not recall ever referring to another publication's readers in any way at all. They are not a subject of my business or concern.

#4 through #10 . . .

Thursday, September 18, 2014