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Monday, October 20, 2014

Extended Weekend of Filming includes 1 first timer, 1 second timer, and 2 former fratmen

Even the First Timer Commented About
How Well his First Experience of
Filming Hard Core Went
Based on the continuing string of quality videos GayHoopla has been turning out, and their ability to put people of all types of experience at ease, it appears we have yet another group of great scenes to which we can look forward. Members encouraged the first timer as he brought live shows and indicated to his new fans how eager he was to get gong on man-on-man action scenes.Tonight he had nothing negative at all to say about his new experience and already is anxious to return. Your fans agree.

Tyler Hanson, 18, drew a high attendance of 97 for his Monday show; received tips of $440*

TYLER.............................................*raw figure

Tyler was doing a back-and-forth with chat about spanking. Tyler called to Dmitry to come over and spank him because his fans were asking for it. Dmitry obliged, gave him a good one, and it could be said that Dmitry spanked the cum right out of him since Tyler cummed within minutes after that.

More Tyler Show Snap Shots . . .

Elvis-themed Las Vegas chapel refuses to hold gay weddings


Nothing Like a Hot Shower to Start
Your Day--or a New Week!

Submitted by Gaypornfans


"Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go." - Oscar Wild

Happy Birthday, Fireman432!

New VoyeurBoy schedule for the week of Oct. 20th

Submitted by VB Reporter

Edge of Desire Part 3 was Released for Members Today


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Not Only is God Not Afraid of New Things, God Does New Things Himself---Isaiah 43:19

(Systematic Theologian Paul Tillich)

"God is continuously surprising us, opening our hearts and 
guiding us in unexpected ways"--Pope Francis


Phillip Anadarko, best known
for GayHoopla, Corbin Fisher videos, performed live tonight

Anadarko's Live Show at GayHoopla Tonight
Drew both old fans and new for a high of 86;
Appreciation for Live Show was $550* in tips
. *Raw Figure

60 Snap Shots . . .

Ben's News Report: Readers won't Notice Most Changes; As a good 'Daily,' Volunteers: Essential

JJ Swift Gallery to Remain Open and
Updating from previously unreleased shows

Will be Archiving 'Men of GayHoopla Gallery,'
'VoyeurBoy Gallery,' and 'Sean Holmes Gallery'

Dormon Announces New Update for the JJ Swift Gallery based on the 10-18-13 Chaturbate show

"I just posted a new update for JJ's gallery; his first show that I saw on Chaturbate (I think it was his second show on CH). It was before his second GH show. This week I will post more updates about his next show (10-19-2013)," said Dormon. -- or -- 
(SWIFT GALLERY will remain on the Ben's New Menu of Tabs.)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

VoyeurBoys gets its First
magazine coverage in
NEXT Magazine.

VB Owner Jaden Storm is featured in the ad. 

Tyler could be Seen today at the GayHoopla Studios preparing
for filming this weekend

Tyler Finally Gets his Wish and is
Scheduled for an Action Scene


Two Great Shows Today

Jaden Storm - F4F - 3 pm PDT - 10 pm EDT (today);
Dmitry Dickov - GH - 7 pm PDT - 10 pm EDT (tonight)

Dan Asks,
Are Justin Bieber, IIan, Cousins?

Courtesy of

Gays Not Welcome After All

Channing Tatum Opens Up
About Stripper Past

If you’ve seen the film “Magic Mike,” you know that actor Channing Tatum knows a thing or two about being a male stripper.In a recent interview with “New York Times T Magazine,” he explained how his experience as an erotic dancer has only helped his career.

VoyeurBoys achieve the #1 Featured Cam on Chaturbate
for their weekly Group Show!

The day started with a solo show by Rocky on F4F. It was then followed by Jaden on Chaturbate, which both Rocky & Ken joined in to help put together the new basketball hoop.

The evening was the weekly Group Show with all 4 guys playing Pong Olympics on Chaturbate. They immediately made the #1 Male cam, and for their final hour, made it to be the #1 featured cam for the entire site. Dustin and Rocky ended the show together with a side by side jerk-off CUM show.

Shortly after finishing up, the guys got onto Cam4 just to unwind, have a few drinks and have fun.

The guys then finished their night of camming, posed for a new Family Photo, and then went out on the town to celebrate Rocky's 21st birthday and Ken's 10 year anniversary in the United States. 

Enjoy these photos of Friday with the Voyeurboys...

Friday, October 17, 2014

One Year Ago Today

Link to above story:

Massively Built Daniel Carter turns solo show into a 3-way verbal orgy for second half

The 40+ Fans who Missed the Show will be
Eager to See this Unusually Hot Solo;
60 present for live; $125 tips

Rocky Looking Like an
Executive Assistant for
both High and Low Tech

Those who follow the VoyeurBoys are noticing that Rocky seems to enjoy himself when involved with just about any project. Setting up the basketball hoop and stand today was an example of Rock's low tech assistance, but also an example of how well he works with his equally ambitious boss. Both are currently working a high tech project which I was privileged to observe one evening and discovered that both of these men's minds are open to learning new things and figuring out the most difficult of road blocks. Rocky has demonstrated some of his common sense business approach to purchases which, if I have this correct, is already being utilized by Jaden. Rocky is at his best when involved in group entertainment--whether sports, conversation or humor. All of these traits will serve him well since his solo shows are not his strong suit. Putting him on cam is giving him the same opportunities as each of the others which, if I'm guessing correctly, is why he continues with solos along with those days things work out unexpectedly well. Rocky's duos with other members of the cast continue to be a very valuable contribution to the VoyeurBoys House and particularly entertaining to Rocky's continuing fan base.

Saturday Begins the Summary
of Readers' Opinion Polls;
Decisions will Follow

Readers Should Try to Wrap Up their
Poll Positions in the Next 8-12 Hours;
Thank You for Patience during This!


  • Dustin Jones started off the day with a 3 hour show on F4F.
  • Rocky Steele continued it through the afternoon with his own cam show.
  • Ken Ott finished up the night with several hours of camming and then stayed up till after 3:30am talking with members in the Voyeurboy chat.
  • Owner Jaden Storm had a well deserved day off, his first in weeks.
  • Several new members seen today in the VB chat room!

Here are some photo highlights from throughout the day...

Thursday, October 16, 2014

DocTayTay mesmerizes 95 fans
on GayHoopla Tonight who
tipped him with $295

DOC TAY TAY 10-17-14

New Voyeurboys video offers something a bit different! 


  Hilarious from beginning up until the very last frame! More about brotherhood and having fun together, all, with a lot of HOT action throughout. 

Here are a few photo highlights...